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Breakfast & brunch. Coffee + bar



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  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera
    a year ago

    Some positive attributes of this place was the attentive service, its cleanliness, and the atmosphere. The place is small but nicely decorated. The coffee (cappuccino with extra shot) was good, but not outstanding. Finally, I'm unlikely to come back here for the following reasons: very limited menu and extremely high prices.

  • Karen M Vega
    Karen M Vega
    5 months ago

    I don't normally leave bad reviews but someone needs to say it THE PLACE IS NOW CLOSED DURING DAY HOURS. IT IS ONLY OPEN AFTER 9PM SUPER IMPORTANT THING TO UPDATE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. We drove for an hour just to find the place CLOSED, all hungry and with a kid. Next available breakfast is a pretty good drive away. We found other people that experienced the same.

  • Preston Berry
    Preston Berry
    8 months ago

    Food is really amazing! I'll be back soon! Had the Chicken and Waffles sliders. Really enjoyed them. The chocolate croissant was incredible!

  • Elena Kharitonova

    Hands down some of the best service I’ve ever had! The waitstaff was very helpful and accommodating. The drinks were great, the flowering jasmine tea is beautiful and delicious, and the food is delicious. Would love to go again the next time I’m in Puerto Rico!!! Thank you for a great visit!

  • Ajay Raj
    Ajay Raj
    a year ago

    We stumbled upon this place while looking for a stop to refuel before exploring San Germán. Instead of a quick drink and dash, we were treated to surprisingly flavorful food (try the hash and corned beef!), refreshing drinks (guanabana juice that hit the spot after a long day of driving), and truly incredible service. Try the jasmine tea—it’s an experience. The waiter even gave us two water bottles for free for the road. La Celestina is a must-visit if on the west side of Puerto Rico.

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