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Pet Friendly Guidelines​

  1. Every Dog Must Be Identified And On A Leash. Law 154 Prohibits Keeping Dogs Loose In Public Places.
  2. Dogs Should Have Their Vaccinations Up To Date. The Rabies Vaccine Is Mandatory.
  3. Avoid Going Out With Puppies Less Than 4 Months Old. They Need 3 Boosters Of Vaccines, 1 Every 27 Days, And Can Easily Infect Other Dogs.
  4. Dogs Should Be On Flea And Tick Prevention.
  5. Before Arriving At The Premises, You Need To Take The Dog Out To Potty. You Should Also Bring ‘Poop Bags’ To Collect Feces In Case Of Any Accident.
  6. Before Arriving At The Premises, Try To Walk The Dog Or Exercise It So That It Is Tired And Has A Better Behavior.
  7. Respect Other Customers’ Space. Not Everyone Wants To Share With Pets.
  8. Pets Are The Sole Responsibility Of The Guardian, And Employees And/Or Businesses Have No Responsibility To Monitor Them. If You Have To Use The Sanitary Services It Is Your Responsibility To Take Care Of The Pet.
  9. Try NOT To Feed The Pet In Public Places Except For Water, As It May Have A Reaction To The Food Consumed.
  10. Dogs That Are Aggressive Or Show Aggression Will Not Be Allowed.
  11. Businesses Can Reserve The Right Of Admission.
  12. Businesses Must Provide Dishes With Water. After Being Used By A Pet, They Should Wash It And Provide Clean Water.
  13. If A Business Does Not Allow Pets To Enter, Under No Circumstances The Pet Should Be Left Inside The Car.
  14. The “Pet Friendly” Regulation Applies To Domestic Pets (Dogs, Cats) NOT Exotic Animals.
  15. Service Animals Are Not The Same As “Pet Friendly”. Service Animals Are Trained To Perform A Particular Function And Are Protected Under The ADA. You Can Read The ADA Here.