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Pet Friendly Certification

We educate and train companies and staff about the guidelines to follow and the responsibility it entails when joining the pet friendly community. We want to avoid any incidents involving pets, and at the same time make sure everyone, has an Pawsome time!

Certification vs. The Sticker

The Pet-Friendly Certification is recommended when you receive a large flow of pets in your business. With the Certification, you get your staff educated about Pet-Friendly Guidelines and Act No 154 “Protection And Promotion Of Animal Welfare”. We can also make Pet-Friendly recommendations for your facility and help you create custom Pet-Friendly Regulations.

Some of the resources we use are Agent Joel Vidot, Protection And Animal Welfare Specialist, and Licensed Attorney Shakira Santiago, VP Of FEPA (Federación Protectora De Animales).

Our sticker helps identify Pet-Friendly businesses. People prefer not to ask if they can go into a place with their pets because if they get rejected, they get offended and walk away.

Businesses have every right to decide if they want to allow, and can allow pets, but it’s a fact, that a person who is rejected, is a client that will not come back.

Plus, the sticker is really cute.

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