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A strip line of food heaven with 32 kiosks to choose from with some of the best authentic Puerto Rican & international food.



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  • Jimiao Zhang
    Jimiao Zhang
    a month ago

    The Kiosks de Luquillo offer an unforgettable and authentic culinary experience! Each kiosk presents a unique taste of local cuisine, with friendly service and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you're craving traditional Puerto Rican dishes or seeking something new, there's something for everyone. The beachside location adds a perfect touch of scenic beauty. A definite must-visit for foodies and anyone looking to experience the heart of Puerto Rico's culinary delights!

  • Rocki Mayes
    Rocki Mayes
    2 months ago

    There are a variety of great places to get souvenirs and to eat at. The atmosphere is kind of shady with people hanging around drinking and loitering, more on the east side. There are really no accessible restrooms unless you're shopping or eating inside one of the stores.

  • B E
    B E
    a month ago

    Not bad. Wasn’t here very long to look at all the places but found one that was recommended. Not many options for veg, just rice, beans and tostones. It was decent and easy to bring to the beach to enjoy.

  • Rovena Bridi
    Rovena Bridi
    a month ago

    Lots of options- the placed we stopped to get food was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the food they offered. Be sure to spend time at the beach behind the kiosk

  • Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu
    7 months ago

    What a beautiful beach with the best little shops. Parking is slightly chaotic, but it seems like the rule of thumb is that if you find a spot, you just drop your car off. The beach was beautiful with clear waters. The kiosks were so much fun with so much food. They take cash and card but I suggest always bringing some cash. There's insane speed bumps through the area, and our rented car struggled to get through each of them. Another downside is no trash cans, so people stack the trash and empty cups everywhere. It's such a fun spot for friends and family I recommend!!!!

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