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Somos un Restaurante de comida mexicana con un ambiente juvenile y familiar. 



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  • Philip Zalon
    Philip Zalon
    a week ago

    Been here several times over the years and it has always been hit or miss. Tonight it was mostly a miss, as far as the food was concerned. We were seated by the window and our server was just right. Frozen margaritas seemed to get more potent as they melted. The guacamole was creamy and tasted good, but we have head better. Sadly, the churrasco, which was prepared perfectly when we were here six months ago, was a bit under cooked and stringy. Bathrooms were clean. Nice music, not too loud. Dimly lighted. Maybe we will give it another shot next trip.

  • S W
    S W
    2 weeks ago

    We came here because we were staying across the street. The service was attentive from start to finish. The food was just okay. It wasn't as pictured on the menu. She asked if I wanted cheese, but the dish came without it. However, I was still charged for cheese. She saw it on the bill and didn't remove it. She took the receipt with her. I had to ask for it back to see what I was charged. She also charged me more than what the menu showed for my meal. I didn't feel like fighting it. I just paid and decided not to come back. They were doing karaoke which was cool. The music was a little loud. If you're looking for something convenient because you're staying close, go for it. Just watch your bill and don't have high expectations.

  • Rosamarie OC
    Rosamarie OC
    a month ago

    The stuffed avocados are to-die-for. They taste amazing, great selection of sauces, the arroz mamposteado was juicy and flavorful, and the king crab was perfection. We were greeted with water and frozen margarita samples. Our server was the manager, Victor, and he was delightful. Very attentive, thoughtful, friendly, and talkative. Excellent service.

  • Karina Piña
    Karina Piña
    a month ago

    Walking distance restaurant! I was pleased to come in and everyone was very welcoming since trying to enter the establishment. I enjoyed the sample of the margaritas before making a final decision on what exact flavor I wanted. The sample was the seller because I loved the base of the frozen margarita flavor. I enjoyed the multiple flavor options and the ability to even mix flavors as the customer pleased. They reminded me of the margaritas I love back home! First time trying Monfongo and I can say the stuffing I chose was on point! It was such a great experience if you ask me because I enjoyed trying authentic Puerto Rican food.

  • Anthony gonzalez
    Anthony gonzalez
    a month ago

    The server Alanis was very attentive and gave good recommendations. She came to check in on us every once in a while which was perfect. The atmosphere is nice with light music. Not too loud!! The food was very filling! Especially for the price. In the photos that was after me and my friend already ate! I have leftover food to take home. I had tacos which were really good and my friend had the mahi mofongo. Our drinks were pretty strong too only needed one. Will recommend to anyone in the area. They have separate menus in English and Spanish and speak both too. I

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