What We Do

Pet Friendly is the first movement in Puerto Rico and the United States aiming to identify and promote businesses with a pet friendly policy.

We strive to create a community were pet parents can easily find places to visit and enjoy with their best friend. We know how hard it can be to find a place to eat or even a beach were pets are welcomed, for that reason, we wanted to simplify the process and bring together in one space all the information.

We also educate and train companies and staff about the guidelines to follow and the responsibility it entails when joining the pet friendly community. We want to avoid any incidents involving pets, and at the same time make sure everyone, has a Pawsome time!


Why become Pet Friendly

benefit 1

In-store visits have a higher average of time per visit

benefit 2

Increases employees productivity & client service by 90%

benefit 3

Provide comfort in high anxiety workplaces

benefit 4

Promotes companionship

Our Services

Social Media & Web Promotions

Events & Pet Friendly Spaces Consultation

Brands we have worked with...

We have worked with this brands over the years during events, creation of content, helping local rescuers.

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