Isla Verde


Isla Verde Beach, so fantastic, it was recently voted “Best Urban Beach” chosen by readers of USA Today.  Isla Verde is a very long, wide beach with soft, light golden sand.  Isla Verde captures the essence of a tropical destination with the added pleasures of a vibrant city life.

The beaches of Isla Verde are loved by locals in summer months, holidays and weekends.  During the week, the beaches of Isla Verde are surprisingly relaxed, allowing visitors and tourists to enjoy a relaxed beach experience, just steps away from attractive beachfront hotels and resorts.

What most people know as “Isla Verde Beach” is actually 3 beaches: El Alambique, Pine Grove Beach, and Balneario de Carolina.  Isla Verde Beach is located east of San Juan in the neighboring town/ municipality of Carolina, just north of Isla Verde Avenue and Route 187, and in the district of Isla Verde.  All three beaches give visitors nearly three long miles of sand and water to enjoy.  So even on a really busy beach day, it doesn’t feel crowded!

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